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Taste restaurant offers a dinner menu from four different cuisines: Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian with all dishes available in full or half ("Taste") portions. Also enjoy breakfast (with Sunday Brunch) and poolside lunch.

Taste Restaurant is located at Casa Cupula, Puerto Vallarta’s luxury boutique hotel for Gay Men, Lesbians and Friends and is open to the public. Our secluded jungle setting is romantic and relaxing, perfect for a birthday or anniversary celebration, a quiet date or a group of friends. Full bar, wine list and signature cocktails including our “Cupulini” with chocolate and chipotle flavorings.

Agustin Garcia, Taste Restaurant Executive Chef

Chef Garcia hails from Puerto Vallarta where he began his career in its most famous restaurants.
He studied at the College of Gastronomy in Guadalajara, and subsequently traveled to Los Angeles where he adopted the culture of organic foods low in fat and high in protein, but flavorful. In LA he managed four restaurants for six years. His passion is cooking dishes with unexpected fusions of flavors that create an explosion of Taste.
Upon his return to Puerto Vallarta, Agustin Garcia was named Executive Chef of Taste Restaurant at Casa Cupula in April 2015.

Fernando Diaz, Taste Restaurant Manager

Fernando grew up in Mexico City and first visited Vallarta in 1994. He kept vacationing here several times a year. He and his husband Renato (who is Brazilian) moved together to Vallarta September 2012 to open a restaurant. Unfortunately that didn’t work out as hoped but Fernando joined Taste the next February helping with hosting and PR. Fernando was promoted to manager of Taste in October 2013, and has led the restaurant to add more exciting and fun events directed toward our guests.

Cesar Barajas, Taste Restaurant Sous Chef

Born in Guadalajara 22 years ago, he studied gastronomy at the Technology Institute of Puerto Vallarta. He came to PV 8 years ago to join his father working at a small restaurant, where he learned what the business was all about, and fell in love with the culinary arts.

Cesar artfully combines aspects of Mexican cuisine with Taste’s Asian and Mediterranean dishes. He aims to use different techniques from each culture to create unique dishes. Another goal is to create high cuisine dishes that create an explosion of flavor on the palette, with subtle notes that allow you to appreciate each component on the plate.

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